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NEW! Dakota/Durango bumpers as seen in Four Wheeler Magazine

The Dodge mid-size front bumper is designed for maximum protection and usability  It will fit all alte model Dodge Dakota and Durango SUVs.

Ther bumper features a full length wrap around design to protect the front and sides of the vehicle  It is angled underneath to provide underside protection, but still maintain a good approach angle.

Options include winch provision, grill guard, headlight tubes, driving/fog lights and mounts, hitch receiver, shower mounts, hi-lift mounts, and shackles and tabs.  Vents and jacking slots are standard (Note vents will not have screen, but will have center bar, and jacking slots will be moved to 45 angle section)

Chromed bumper, with lights protruding and covered.
Chromed bumper, with lights protruding and covered.

Winch, shower, and light detail.

Recessed lights, winch mount, and top mounted lights.

Jacking slot in action.

Front view.

Shower connections.

Main bumper: 3/16" steel
Grill guard: 3/8" steel
Frame mounts: 1/4" (main frame plate) & 3/16" (secondary plate)
Tubing: 1 5/8" x .120 wall (middle tube) & 1 1/2" x .120 (headlight tubes)
Weight: ~90 lbs.

Basic bumper (with jacking slots and vents): $700.00
Warn/Ramsey winch provision: $120.00
Grill guard: $140.00
Outer headlight tubes: $150.00
Face mounted PIAA lights. Choose from:

  • #9164 Driving clear upright
  • #9165 Criving Ion Crystal Upright
  • #9592 Projector clear upright
  • #9593 Projector Ion Crystal Upright
Lights slightly protruding, covers usable: $180.00
Lights recessed, frenched in, no covers can be used: $240.00
Receiver in front face (not to be used for winch carriage): $50.00
Hot water shower mounting points: $75.00
Hi-Lift mount and hardware: $20.00
Shackle tabs (1" thick, 7/8" hole): $50.00