Hanson Enterprise is on a constant mission to refine existing products and add new ones that aid the function of a trail vehicle.

Hanson began in the metal fabrication trade in 1974, used for custom/prototype projects and assemblies.  That was back when kits and accessories for modifying vehicles were not very prominent.  For motors and transmissions there was Advanced Adapters, who are now the premier swap house in the US.  These days motors and trannys are just a small part of a custom, reliable and street worthy trail rig. 

In 1985 Hanson Enterprise was founded, still working on many projects other than off-road vehicles.  There were conveyor structures, architectural railing, Shelby Mustang replicas, boat and auto transport trailers, and 40 ft. semi flat beds to name a few.  Throw in the occasional roll cage for race vehicles and metal repair work as well.

In between all this was the good stuff! Jeeps had always drifted in off the streets.  They were mostly hunting rigs.  In this application, tire carriers can't make any noise, and bumpers must be large enough to stand on. Brush guards, gun racks and cargo racks were also needed. Tow bars and lights were also requested often.  

Full size truck bumpers were also a big request.  Outdoorsmen began this trend as well.  Today, a mix between off-road use and daily commuting is required  A minor fender-bender on  a late model truck can cause a lot of damage!.   

Along the way, the Jeepers Jamboree was found to be the ultimate test for man and machine.  Negotiating this trail required bumpers with good approach and departure angles.  This, combined with the size of the bumper the hunters needed led to the Rubicon Series bumpers.  

The Rubicon Front Bumper was patented in August 1995.  This shape set the pace for future product design.  The Rear Bumper also has the angled bottom forms, and with its 60" length, provides excellent rear corner protection. 

Rocker guards had to have this angle form as well.  After all, if it works for the front and rear, why not the sides?  The combination turned into a nice matched look all around the vehicle.  

During all this product development, Hanson has assisted other off-road businesses in development of their own products.  We believe its better to have a good working relationship with everyone in the industry, than not to.

Again, thank you for stopping by our website.  All we ask is that you shop and compare.  There's a lot of great parts out there, so make sure you select the right components for your vehicle.  As Hanson has grown and become more popular, we have done our best to ramp up production without sacrificing  the quality that our products have always had.  No shortcuts are taken in the design or manufacturing of these products, and substandard craftsmanship is not in the business plan.

Wayne Hanson