Available for:
76-86 CJ, 87-95 YJ, All TJ
Requires Rear bumper

The tire/utility carrier has many uses.  First and foremost, it can carry up to a 36" tire.  The wheel is secured to the carrier with a threaded "T" handle, which is lockable (with a long padlock) and works with most standard rims of different sizes and bolt circles.  Rims with thick centers and deep backspacing will require an available stud hub mount.

Auxiliary reverse/rock lights can be mounted on gussets on the inside lower corners the frame, and the top of the center post is capped with a tab and 1/2" hole for antenna mounting.

The rack swings out 90 from the rear of the Jeep with the use of a milled slot in the spindle and a spring loaded lock rod through the main beam that will engage the slot.  This locks the carrier in the open position.  The rack mounts to the bumper spindle with a clamp sleeve on the spindle.  Spindle is center drilled for lubrication with a grease Zerk fitting on top.

On the upper right is a hinge provision that bolts into the body tub.  This uses a urethane bushing to provide a cushion between the rack frame and body tub.  

Options include Hi-Lift jack hardware,  included also is one tab for a lock.  Mounting the jack will require removal of the bottom foot on the jack.  A Max-Tool mount is also available, which places the Max above the Hi-Lift jack.  Finally, a license plate bracket and light can be mounted to the carrier if needed.

All products shipped bare steel.  Powder coating available at an additional cost.

Available Options:
Hi-Lift Hardware
Max-Tool Mount
License Plate Bracket

Lower Mainbeam: 3 x 2 x .120 Rect. Tube
Pivot Spindle: 1.75" Solid Cold Rolled Steel
Main Frame: 1.5" x 2" x .120 rec. tube and 1.5" x 1.5" x .120 sq. tube

Tire Carrier: $425.00
Rear bumper and tire carrier combo: $720.00
Hi-Lift Jack Mount: $10.00
Max-Tool mount: $30.00
License Plate Bracket & Light: $35.00

Latch Detail


Inside of Tire Carrier Detail

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Main Hinge Detail

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Upper Hinge Detail